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MyRouteApp carplay

Bericht door dejong » 23 jun 2020, 14:50

Myrouteapp komt beschikbaar in carplay. Dit betekent dat we via carplay een goede motornavigatie app te beschikking krijgen. Helaas niet gratis, maar dit maakt een externe navigatie (TomTom/Garmin) naar mijn mening overbodig.
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Attention community,
By your request we've chased down the opportunity to develop products for next-generation vehicles outfitted with Apple Carplay. On behalf of the team I'm very happy to announce that MyRoute-app has finally been granted access to Apple Carplay development. This means that we will be able to make our apps available on Apple Carplay in the future.
We've been petitioning both Google and Apple to grant us access to their respective systems since 2018. Every single time we've been ignored. At the same time, many members in this community who use Carplay kept asking us when they could expect Navigation to become available for those systems. As a final act of defiance we reached out to the European Commission's Anti-Trust Agency. After gathering knowledge about our rights, we made a final plea to both Google and Apple to grant us access.
Slightly later than requested, we gained word from Apple that they had failed to pick up our previous requests. They immediately granted us access to the Apple Development area (for which we are very grateful). We look forward to working with apple to bringing MyRoute-app to Carplay compatible devices. Since we are now finally in contact with Apple and have received an explanation for the events as well as a workable solution, we will not pursue an Anti-Trust investigation. Sadly, since Google hasn't reacted, we will have to come up with a different strategy.
In light of continued full transperency, see the attached communications between Apple and MyRoute-app below. We've omitted all private and project information for reasons of privacy and partnership.

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Re: MyRouteApp carplay

Bericht door highlander » 23 jun 2020, 18:23

Ik hoop dat je gelijk hebt.

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